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The Yorkshire Dales has many moods; it can be wild and windswept or quietly tranquil.

It includes some of the finest limestone scenery in the UK, from crags and pavements to an underground labyrinth of caves. Each valley or 'dale' has its own distinct character, set against expansive heather moorland tops.

Stone-built villages sit amongst traditional farming landscapes of field barns, drystone walls and flower-rich hay meadows, and show how the area has been shaped over thousands of years by the people who have lived and worked here.

Spectacular waterfalls and ancient broadleaved woodland contrast with the scattered remains of former mine workings and other rural industries which remind us of the area's rich industrial heritage.

Together, nature and people have created a special landscape of immense beauty and character.

60 years

2014 was the 60th birthday of the Yorkshire Dales National Park – read the story of how it came to be.

Nature in the Dales

Visit our Nature in the Dales website to find out more about the priority species and habitats that we are looking after.

Out of Oblivion

Find out more about the unique cultural landscape of the Yorkshire Dales created through the interactions of people and nature over thousands of years

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