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Wildlife conservation

The Yorkshire Dales National Park is internationally important for its rich and diverse wildlife heritage.

The Authority works with farmers, land managers, local naturalists and others to conserve the range of habitats and species found in the Dales and to halt any decline in biodiversity value.

We provide a comprehensive advisory service:

  • Advice to farmers and landowners on wildlife conservation and sustainable land management.
  • Advice on dealing with wildlife conservation in the planning process.
  • Advice on specific habitat and species management.
  • Advice on combining access and recreation with wildlife conservation.
  • Advice and support to individuals and societies.

The Authority works closely with the regional office of Natural England. This is the Government agency which was established to champion the conservation of wildlife and geology in England.

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There are over 150 species found in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Following this link to find out about them.


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