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Caves and potholes

Much of the Yorkshire Dales is underlain with limestone and that means that the area is riddled with cave systems and potholes. The longest cave system in Britain is here - Easegill - and one of the largest chambers in Gaping Gill.  Hints of the underground world can be seen in the dry valleys and large shakeholes that are found on many walks. There are also places where rivers disappear underground such as at Alum Pot and Hull Pot. If you want to get a flavour of what is under your feet there are three show caves to visit or you could team up with an adventure company for a more serious trip.

Gaping Gill

Gaping Gill is one of the most famous caves in the Dales. Walk to it from Clapham, past Ingleborough Cave and up on to the slopes of Ingleborough.

Great Douk Cave

Great Douk Cave is at the bottom of a large shake hole on the slopes of Ingleborough. It is easily reached from the Old Hill Inn.

Hull Pot

Hull Pot is a huge open pothole on the western side of Pen-y-ghent which is reached from Horton in Ribblesdale.

Ingleborough Cave

Ingleborough Cave is one of three show caves in the Yorkshire Dales and is reached from Clapham along a secluded nature trail.

Long Churns and Alum Pot

Alum Pot is a dramatic open shaft which is located on the slopes of Ingleborough, above the hamlet of Selside.

Mossdale Caverns

High on the slopes of Wharfedale are Mossdale caverns. They were the location of British caving's worst tragedy to date.

Stump Cross Caverns

Stump Cross Caverns is a show cave. It lies alongside the road between Grassington and Pateley Bridge

Three Counties system

The Ease Gill system is the longest and most complex cave system in the UK.

Victoria Cave

Reached from Settle, Victoria Cave forms part of Attermire Scar. This important site reveals the prehistoric history of the Dales.

White Scar Cave

White Scar Cave is one of three show caves in the Yorkshire Dales. It is close to the town of Ingleton.

Yordas Cave

An old Victorian show cave, Yordas is found at the head of the quiet valley of Kingsdale.