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National Park Strategies

The National Park Management Plan sets out the ambitions for the Yorkshire Dales National Park in a statement of vision and a set of objectives. If the objectives are achieved, it will make the vision reality.

Simple and brief

Precise details of how each objective is going to be met are not included in the Management Plan. To do so would require experts in various fields to distil their years of knowledge and experience into the Plan. This could take a great deal of time, time which could be used to work on achieving the objectives. It also might omit details necessary to deal with unforeseen circumstances or the local conditions in different parts of the National Park. Ultimately it could result in a large, unwieldy Management Plan that was virtually unusable.

Instead, the Management Plan is purposely kept simple and brief. The experts involved in the work of achieving the Plan's objectives have worked together to produce a series of detailed strategy and policy documents that support the Management Plan.

Written collaboratively

The Management Plan is for the National Park and has been created by a steering group of authorities and organisations representing those with a key role to play in looking after the National Park. The strategy and policy documents have also been written collaboratively by groups consisting of representatives from a range of organisations. These include the Yorkshire Dales Biodiversity Forum, Dales Tourism Steering Group and Dales Woodland Forum.