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Attermire Scar

This breathtaking series of scars lies high above Settle and makes a tremendous day out for keen walkers and there is a great deal of interest in a relatively short walk.

  • Dramatic limestone scenery
  • Learn about our tropical past at Victoria Cave
  • Trig point on Warrendale Knotts at 440m (1444 feet)

There is not a peak to aim for as such - although there is a trig point on Warrendale Knotts - more a collection of high points. The bright white limestone rock and vivid grassy greens make a fantastic contrast to the surrounding muted browns of the gritstone areas.

Starting from Settle you can follow the Pennine Bridleway as it follows a grassy track out of town. You then follow a stone track known as Gorbeck Road until a path goes off to the right to Victoria Cave. This path runs underneath the Scars. You can then return to town using the Dales High Way path.

Victoria Cave is the largest of several caves in the rocky landscape and is owned by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority. Past excavations have revealed important information about the area over thousands of years of prehistory, from Ice Age cave bears to elephants and hyenas in warmer times.

In more recent times a rifle range was created here when the country feared war with France. The nineteenth century cast iron target panels are still visible.

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