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Filming in the Yorkshire Dales National Park

If you’re looking for a dramatic filming location then you’ve come to the right place. The Yorkshire Dales’ special landscape of immense beauty and character has many moods; it can be wild and windswept or quietly tranquil.

It includes some of the finest limestone scenery in the UK, from crags and ‘pavements’ to an underground labyrinth of caves. Each beautiful valley or 'dale' has its own distinct character, set against expansive heather moorland tops.

Stone-built villages sit amongst traditional farming landscapes of field barns, drystone walls and flower-rich hay meadows.

Spectacular waterfalls and ancient broadleaved woodland contrast with the scattered remains of former mine workings.

How we can help

It is important to note that the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (YDNPA) owns less than 1% of the 841 square miles (2,179 square km) of land within the National Park. The vast majority is either in private ownership or is owned by organisations like the National Trust, so you need to obtain permission from the individual landowners if you wish to film here.

However, our expert knowledge of the area can help you find the location that’s just right for your production.

For all your filming and commercial photography requirements in the National Park, in the first instance contact the National Park Authority via the Communications Team.

Andrew Fagg, Media Officer

01969 652374

(Working days: Monday, Tuesday, Friday)

Richard Payne, Communications Manager

01969 652394

If you already know the location you want to use, just let us know:

  • Grid references
  • Date(s), time
  • Likely size of cast and crew
  • Any equipment and vehicles

Our Ranger Team will then endeavour to identify and contact the relevant landowner(s) to seek their permission to put you in touch with them.

If you are unsure of exactly where you want to film, then our expert team may be able to suggest options, subject to your brief.

We can also make Rangers available for recces and to assist on shoot days with/without vehicles.

All these services will be subject to a fee to cover your use of our staff time/resources. Fees are negotiated on each individual case but indicative costs can be found below.

If you do want to film or take commercial photographs on land that is owned or managed by YDNPA, fees will vary depending on the nature of the request, location, crew and cast size, environmental sensitivity and the amount of National Park Officer time it takes to set up your shoot.

If you are filming on our land, in addition to the details above, we will require:

  • Your risk assessment
  • Signed licence agreement
  • Proof of public liability insurance up to £5 million

You may also require planning consent from the National Park Authority if your set requires alteration to existing buildings, any temporary structures or your filming period goes beyond the 28 day Permitted Development rights. The Communications Team can help put you in touch with the appropriate organisations and departments if required.

Indicative costs

Filming on YDNPA land: £500-£2,000 per day (Subject to nature of the production, i.e. an educational documentary will be charged less than a commercial feature film)

National Park staff time: From £50 per hour/£250 per day

Vehicle costs (inclusive of fuel): From £50 + per day

If you are filming on land not owned by YDNPA, any fees for our staff time, etc., will be separate to any location fees you negotiate with the landowner.

Please note that ALL revenue earned by the National Park Authority from filming is reinvested into conservation projects in the National Park. Put simply, when choosing to film in the National Park, you are helping to secure its special qualities for future generations.

Filming is allowed without permission on public land, including public roads.