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Complaints about National Park Authority Members

The 25 Members of the National Park Authority have certain responsibilities. They are  expected to conduct themselves in a way consistent with the core values of the Authority and in the best interests of the National Park Authority. This includes a code of conduct. You can find out more about this and of the expectations on Members on the Members' conduct page.

If you believe that one of the Members of the Authority has behaved in a way that is contrary to the code of conduct, you can make a complaint to that effect.

How to make a complaint

Your complaint should be made to the Monitoring Officer, Gill Cooper. Please either download the complaint form, write a letter or send an email. It will be considered initially by a panel of three Members drawn from the Authority's Standards Committee, assisted by an Independent Person.  Full details of how your complaint will be handled and the procedures involved can be obtained by contacting the complaints officer on or the Monitoring Officer on .

Details about each of the Authority's Members, including a register of personal interests, can be found on the Meet the Members page.


Past complaints

Here are the outcomes of complaints made about Authority Members in the past:

If you require further assistance, please contact Gill Cooper on 01969 652329 or

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