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Low Scale Farm

This bridge carries a footpath across the River Clough at Low Scale Farm Garsdale. The bridge also is the sole crossing from the farm to the fell beyond. The construction is of a basic design but functional for the needs of people and livestock from the farm. The bridge had been patched and repaired over a number of years with assistance from the National Park Rangers.

All bridges within the National Park that carry public rights of way are surveyed every year. In  2012 the survey revealed that many of the cross beams, that form the deck of this bridge, were rotting to such an extent that their strength was being reduced. The decision was taken to remove all of the cross beams and give the bridge a new lease of life. The Access Ranger and a small team of Dales Volunteers worked on the bridge during 2013. Together they stripped the bridge of its old beams, double-checked that the main metal beams were still in good condition, prepared the metal work and re-decked the bridge with new wooden cross beams. This means that the bridge should now remain safe for walkers, livestock, and the farmer for years to come.

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